The new age schooling

Ten-twenty years from now, school meant a 4-5 hours learning of various subjects. Things have changed now-a-days. Schooling is not merely restricted to learning of different subjects. Schooling today involves a total care of the child.


The various aspects of schooling today are:

  • Teaching of various subjects like English, math, social studies, etc.
  • Co-curricular activities.
  • Foreign languages as choice subjects.
  • Sports.
  • Inter-school competitions.
  • Fests.
  • Fete.
  • Extra classes after school.
  • Role of dietitian: helping parents with a guidance of which food is good and healthy for their child.
  • Attending different camps.
  • Excursions.
  • National/international study tours.
  • A chance for students to collaborate with students from other universities across the globe.
  • Internship opportunities.
  • Counseling which includes career counseling and guidance as well.
  • Talent hunts.

The list is not at all exhaustible. There are many more aspects to schooling in today’s times. But, what is commendable is the shape that schooling process has developed into. Today, you send your child to a school and see your child come home with knowledge not merely restricted to a few subjects, it’s larger!


Education through web

“Shoot for the moon even if you miss you will land among Stars”.
To aim high and believe in your dreams is the first step towards successful career.
Long back, Indians were just scribing over sheets and deciphering the manuscripts and seals. No one thought we would be among leading countries in terms of education. But yes, indeed we are. Education has always been of prime concern in our country. Saint and sages taught morals, gurus and teachers taught application and existence, and today smart board teaches innovation and technology. We live in a country whose true treasure lies in its knowledge.Education_image_112.2
These days online education has come into limelight. Students sitting across the world are able to discuss and share information over online portals. Satellite teaching is another blooming way, through which hundreds of students can be taught simultaneously and they are given problematic questions and their solutions. Online debating and writing competitions are being organised through length and breadth of country. By this contrast views and strong critics are observed and appreciated. Either it be enthusiastic youth or experienced aged, all participate keenly and result in a healthy competition. There is no doubt that online education can ever replace books or classroom teaching but yes it does offer a new way of grooming, self introspection, learning and knowing the best ways to present further.
Online education does not only talks about history and science or about old and current. It does show traits of personal beliefs and people pouring their heart out.Today, when we are heading towards space age, we need to be a part of this magnificent system so as to be updated and smart. It seems easy to gravitate towards such forms of education but actually it is not. when you have hundred ways in front of you to do a single task then its a tedious job to choose the best one. Certainly it has made life easy. Either it is to find a recipe or to find facts of ancient history. All is just a click away.
As every coin has two sides, similarly it has its pros and cons. Its us who makes best out of it and grows for the betterment.