Next Level to Education

“EDUCATION”! Why is it that whenever we think of education we go into the mode of school and college and studies and studies? Can we only get education from these sources?

 If this has been true then why would the world shift on computers and net and why would the concept of exploring from around be there? If we really look around us then our school, college and other education institute can only give us theoretical knowledge and when we intern or go out in the real world we tend to have all to gather a different practice. At that time we realize that we just knew some basics.

I am not against the education but with the on going process of education one should keep his/her eyes and ears open to understand what is going on and why is it going on the way it is going on.

If each one of us know whats going around us and why is it so then we can take our decisions in much more responsible way and contribute a lot to the country and our growth. For this there is one example of Mr. Narendra Modi, PM. His education qualification is not to high but he has proved that education is not achieved only by going to school or any other educational institution but by knowing what to do when and make right decision at the right time.

Study and help others to study. Give a growth to the nation. Do go to school and college but not to get degree rather to get knowledge, to identify yourself and know the potential in you. But don’t stop learning from the nature, society, your mistakes in life and others mistakes, and don’t ignore the things simply.

KEEP ON LEARNING whenever you get the chance to learn.


A long way to go

We have completed 65 years of our independence and have come really a long way, but seeing the past and being happy on what we have achieved will not make our future bright. To have a bright future we need to educate ourselves to what is it going around and the movement of other.We all know women’s are the foundation of any family and if the foundation is week then there is no scope that the building can be strong though it might seem to be strong.

In India women literacy rate is to low as compared to men though the overall literacy rate is just 70%. Even today in India most women do household work and do not even have basic knowledge about studies. For instance the made that come to my house is illiterate and so are her daughters. India is a whole country and is not about any one of us, it is not about a rich segment or poor segment of the country it is about we as one.

There is a long bridge from going to uneducated to becoming educated. I took the initiative to teach them but they resist it because they have much more important jobs to do. This is what even today people at India are. Life is not same for every one but yes the human rights are same for everyone but the difference is we know them and they being uneducated don’t know any.

Learning and education is not only what we learn in books but it is also about how well can you know and understand your society and use your education in favor of your society. We all must remember society is not only the people we live with or go out with but is also about the people who are around as and who work for use to make are life better.

To achieve real independence we need to go a loooooooong loooooooooong way.