The new age schooling

Ten-twenty years from now, school meant a 4-5 hours learning of various subjects. Things have changed now-a-days. Schooling is not merely restricted to learning of different subjects. Schooling today involves a total care of the child.


The various aspects of schooling today are:

  • Teaching of various subjects like English, math, social studies, etc.
  • Co-curricular activities.
  • Foreign languages as choice subjects.
  • Sports.
  • Inter-school competitions.
  • Fests.
  • Fete.
  • Extra classes after school.
  • Role of dietitian: helping parents with a guidance of which food is good and healthy for their child.
  • Attending different camps.
  • Excursions.
  • National/international study tours.
  • A chance for students to collaborate with students from other universities across the globe.
  • Internship opportunities.
  • Counseling which includes career counseling and guidance as well.
  • Talent hunts.

The list is not at all exhaustible. There are many more aspects to schooling in today’s times. But, what is commendable is the shape that schooling process has developed into. Today, you send your child to a school and see your child come home with knowledge not merely restricted to a few subjects, it’s larger!


Unsuccessful Story behind a Successful Man – Premchand

Unsuccessful story behind a successful man – Premchand

His parents, Ajaib Lal and Anandi Devi named him as Dhanpat Rai Srivastav. The story of the great man begins from villages of Varanasi. He didn’t had a pleasant childhood as his mother died when he was 8 years old. His father re-married but his step mother couldn’t gave him the same affection and love that he desired for. At a very young age he started learning Urdu and Persian. Gradually he developed interest in fictionary works.  He used to sell books for a book wholesaler which in turn helped him to read allot of different material. He was married at the age of 15 years when he was in 9th standard. It was heavy duty for him to balance family and academic. It affected his


academic front which marked end of school for him.
To earn for his daily hood he used to coach people in Benares for five rupees. Later he took the job as writer in several magazines but they all were just for a time being. He was also appointed as teacher in government school but due to Quit India movement he had to resign from his job.
After a facing severe hardships and many despairs, he started a printing press and a publishing house namely “Saraswati Press” under which he published  hundreds of short stories and novels. His core work also included translation of important English work. His most famous work was of “Godan” and “Rangbhoomi”.
He chooses “Premchand” as his pen name. His work was referred as realistic and sympathitic. As people could relate themselves with that. It talked about poor and rural problems. He wasn’t a scholar neither a academic but still he bought change and marked his name in pages of history.
He was just a normal man who stood aside the crowd. He accepted all his failures with generosity and wrote an era of success for rest of the world..!