Warren Buffet

A man who cannot be described just in words. Who hold a legend within him, who carries optimism on his way, who has led the life with no regrets, who speaks the words of wisdom and acts the ways of wise.
Warren Buffet he is. Who is a successful business man in U.S.A. Also known as second wealthiest man in the world after Bill Gates. Who has now the living example and an inspiring figure to teens. His willing to explore and chase made him an outstanding since his childhood. At the age of ten when usually children play ;he was standing in New York Stock Exchange Office and next year he bought three shares of civil services.
He is not just a brilliant broker but also a award winner, philanthropist, economist and a sports fan. At very young age he entered in the field of business with big dreams in heart. During his school days he used to sell newspapers and mints over the street to make money. Then along with his friend he installed a pin ball machine in front of a barber’s place and as time passed by all over the city they had their machines.
Due to his undying and tireless efforts he is also called as “WIZARD OF OMAHA”.
He is as focussed in his personal life as much as in profession.
After the death of his first wife, at the age of 60 he got remarried and now is leading the happy life with his lady love. His life is a message to everyone which inspires us to follow dreams inspite of all odds.

At the age of 72 he was diagnosed with cancer. After taking continuous therapy for two months. He betrayed cancer and was now more enthusiastic than ever. He didn’t had best of everything but he ensured that he makes best of everything that comes his way.
He is a happy man who equalises all strings of life.


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