Dr.K.L.Rao is known all over India and abroad as a Technocrat of high calibre. He worked in various engineering cadres and finally retired as a member(designs and research) in central water and power commission. Many of the major projects of irrigation and power in India were cleared by him as a member, CW & PC


He was tough, very swift and shrewd. He would not tolerate delay or inefficiency. He used to work very hard himself, with all sincerity and expected others to follow his examples. As a man he was kind, soft-spoken and simple.

After retirement from CW & PC, he was inducted into union cabinet as minister-in-charge of irrigation and power. Here again, he did yeoman service to the nation. He was instrumental in implementing many of the major river valley projects & hydel schemes. As a minister he devoted all his time for the development of irrigation & hydel potential. Dr. Rao combined his technical & administrative abilities with the power that he acquired as a full-fledged cabinet minister and implemented many irrigation & power projects.

On his inspections as a technocrat and later as cabinet minister he was very thorough, critical and used to give lot of suggestions and decisions on the spot. Young engineers accompanying him on inspections had a gasp for breath in coping up with his speed both physically and technically.

Just as Andhra remembers Sir Arthur Cotton and Karnataka cherishes the memory of Sir M. Visweswarayya, every Indian should remember, for ever, Dr.K.L.Rao for his contribution for development of irrigation & power potential of independent India.

It will be a fitting memorial to Dr.K.L.Rao if some engineering and technological universities in the country are named after him.

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