No more nagging over homework, no compulsory attendance, referring to your instructors as ‘professors’, classes have turned into lectures. Experiencing all of the above? Congratulations you have made it to college.

College in many ways is different from school. Not everyone is fortunate enough to attend college. However college education is equally important in today’s competitive world. College brings with it a plethora of activities and the opportunity to meet new people.

Higher education is extremely valuable.  Individuals who have attended college and obtained a graduation degree earn more money on an average than those who have not obtained bachelor’s degree. Investing on higher education is an asset and is financially more rewarding. It not just makes individuals capable of earning more money, it also make individuals more intelligent than they would be without attending college. Higher an individual’s intelligent quotient, higher the problem solving abilities and consequently a better life because individuals with higher problem solving skills correlate to better life qualities. Moreover, higher education offers many new opportunities to students. College offers many activities in which students get to meet other students. Students can be a part of various clubs and societies in their college according to their interest. Not only clubs and societies but students can also participate in sports. All of this not only helps them socialize but also helps them strike a balance between academics and extra-curricular activities. Whether it is for competitive purpose or for enjoyment, college offers myriad opportunities. It gives them a chance to pursue their interests or experiment with new ones. Another important skill that college teaches is the Money Management Skill. Some students take up part-time jobs along with college. By earning themselves, students realise the value of money. Students learn to spend money on things that they need and save some money rather than spending all of it at once.

Higher Education is extremely valuable. For some, higher education is difficult to receive. However receiving higher education is extremely satisfying. Higher education ensures greater economic stability, prestigious employment opportunities, greater job satisfaction, more self-confidence and better quality of life. It also teaches skills necessary for leading a successful life.


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