Ways of tribal life- protection of Forests

The word ‘forests’ reminds us of thick foliage, big trees, a variety of birds and animals. We are scared of going into thick natural forest. Yet, forests fascinate us!

We are far away from the forest. Yet, just thought of going into a dark forest scares us. However, there are people who are born in forests and live off forest products such as fruits and nuts. Don’t you think, it would be interesting to know about them? these people are tribals. They are called as the children of the forests. Infact all of us were originally tribals!

The tribals worship the forest as their mother. Forest is the source of livelihood for all tribals. In the past, the tribals sold forest products like soap nuts, gum, honey, leaf plates and fruits to the outside world. Now, things have changed. We now take bath with chemical soaps and shampoos. Leaves are no longer used as platters because we have begun using plastic plates and glasses. The whole world is drawn to plastic. Due to our  changed habits many tribals are getting  deprived of their livelihood. We should once again make it a habit  to use forest produce and help the tribals get back their livelihood. Let’s protect our health as well as that of the environment.

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