Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, said,”Nature gives us resources to meet our needs, but not our greed.” With the development of science and technology, heavy pressure has built up on the use of natural resources. Short-sightedly and indiscriminately, we are exhausting the natural resources that belong to the future generations. As a result, several life forms are becoming extinct.

No doubt, we need to utilize the natural resources for our needs, but we should also see that wastes produced are not beyond control. Only then we can achieve sustainable progress. For this, we must develop environmentally sound practices, methods and view points. While utilizing soil and water, efforts should be directed in such a way that future generations are not deprived of the availability of these natural resources.

Eco-friendly technology means doing what we do in an environmentally conscious way, economizing on the use of natural resources in the production process. If we can achieve this, a more sustainable development is possible.

To do this, we should:

  • Keep a check on population growth.
  • Resort  to and nurture dry-land crops and strip crossing methods.
  • Use cattle dung, organic fertilizers, neem oil, etc as pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Take care that natural resources are not degraded when fuels like coal, petrol, diesel and such others are extracted from the mines.
  • Use sun and wind energy whenever possible.
  • Shift from the idea of ‘throwing away’ the waste to the idea of “reuse’ of the waste.
  • practice eco-friendly methods.
  • strictly enforce environmental policies and laws.

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