Population increase has led to space shortage, water shortage and shortage of fresh air to breathe. When water and air get polluted, diseases spring up. If we don’t receive rain in time, crops don’t grow. As a result, villagers are forced to migrate to cities and look for a new means of livelihood. With this increase in population, environmental problems also intensify.

While we are experiencing the problem of rural people migrating to cities, the rapid increase in house building activity within the urban areas has been causing another problem. Villages and towns are not growing according to a plan. Due to limited space cities grow vertically. We fill them with apartments. There is no space for water to percolate into the ground. When all the space is occupied by buildings and roads, how will the water flow or seep into the ground? So even with very less rainfall, floods occur in cities.

To help build these cities, we cut down trees, so, there is no rainfall in the rural areas. Consequently, we suffer from drought and famine. If we continue to conduct ourselves in this manner, several tanks, ponds and streams might even get totally dry. In most of the towns and villages, we don’t get adequate drinking water. We are forced to buy water.

Rehabilitation does not mean shifting people who are experiencing a problem to another place. Rehabilitation means providing living conditions for permanent habitation at a place where there are no problems.

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