Shortage of fuel in cities and villages

Energy resources are very important for the economic development of any country.Energy has occupied a prominent place since the industrial revolution. There are two kinds of fuel resources.

  1. Non-renewable energy resources: these are non-renewable resources such as wood, coal, petroleum, natural gas, oil, uranium and thorium.
  2. Renewable energy resources: use of these resources does not diminish them. These resources are solar energy, wind energy, sea-wave energy and heat energy from under the earth.

All energy resources presently in use are non-renewable resources such as coal, oil, natural gas, etc. In recent times, we have been using the fuel resources indiscriminately. In agriculture, industries, transport and also in our houses, we utilize resources without caution or care.

Due to decrease in forest area, rain water hardly reaches the rivers. Consequently, production of hydro-electricity has also come down. Reduction in the availability of coal stock will reduce the production of thermal-electricity. So, in order to overcome these problems, we have to use the existing resources economically. We must make efforts to increase the use of non-conventional fuel resources.


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