William Arthur Ward once said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” There are a lot of teachers out there. But what exactly makes a teacher a great teacher?


A great teacher imbues in students not only good study habits but also good morals. A student always remembers and cherishes a great teacher. Many of us have had that one teacher who impacted and inspired us more than others. They bring out the best in every student. Students also look forward to attend their classes.


There are many capable teachers but great teachers are rare. Great teachers are consistently on a roll. Their role in not restrictive to the number of hours they teach. They spend a lot of time after school to prepare for each day. They often bring in new ideas and innovative teaching methods into the classroom and teach lessons with enthusiasm. A great teacher has incredible knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject they are teaching. They are open to a student’s doubts and can turn even the most boring lectures into interesting ones. A great teacher recognizes each day at school, each school year and every student is different. With this view they constantly change things to tap individual strengths and weakness within a classroom. Even a teacher can make mistakes, but the greatness of a teacher lies in learning from those mistakes. For them teaching is not about earning money, they teach because they love to.


Great teachers are in sense a complete package. Whether it’s grabbing opportunities, learning from mistakes, making learning fun, evolving over time, implementing new curricula, communicating students classroom behavior to their parents, inspiring students or counselling and mentoring the students when necessary, a great teacher does all of it with ease.




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