Albert Einstein was a German-born physicist. He was the man behind the general theory of relativity. He was honoured with Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 “for his services to theoretical physics and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect”. Over his entire lifetime, Einstein published more than 300 scientific papers and over 150 non-scientific works. Due to the great intellect he possessed and his outstanding achievements have made the word ‘Einstein’ synonymous with genius.


Einstein was born in Germany on 14th march 1879 to a Jewish couple. His father was Hermann Einstein, a salesman and an engineer and his mother was Pauline Einstein. Albert’s mother introduced him to piano when he was very small and also encouraged his pass for violin. He studied violin from the time when he was six years till the time he was thirteen. Einstein had his first scientific experience when he was four or five. When his father gave him the pocket compass he found that regardless of where the compass was turned it always pointed north.


He started school at the age of five. He first attended Catholic Elementary School for three years.  Einstein excelled at school but was a quiet child and kept distance from his peers. He did not see any point in learning the dates of battles or about the military drill. According to Einstein learning facts is not education, it’s not the facts that matter but ideas. By the time he was eight or nine, he got transferred to Luitpold Gymnasium, where he received much of his primary and secondary education. Einstein loved to read books on popular science and philosophy which were lent to him by a friend of his named Max Talmund, who was a 21 year old medical student. In 1895, when Einstein was sixteen, he sat for the entrance examinations for the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich. He failed the necessary exams for admission but excelled in physics and mathematics. At the suggestion on the Principal of the Polytechnic, he attended the Agrovian Cantonal School in Aarau in Switzerland for a year to prepare to retake the examination. In 1896, he passed the diploma with good grades. At the age of seventeen, he enrolled in the four-year mathematics and physics teaching diploma program at the Zurich Polytechnic. In 1900, he was awarded the teaching diploma.






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