What is art education?

This area of education makes use of visual, tangible arts like drawing, sketching, sculpture, painting, metal sculpting, jewellery designing, fashion designing, pottery, photography, film making etc and performing arts like dance, music, theatre in the process of learning.

How does art education benefit the individual and the society?

  • Art helps in better understanding of human experiences. By studying the art of different countries and eras a student is exposed to the wide range of cultures and values. It enables the student to have a better understanding of the past and the present.
  • Art can be used as a medium to express the highest aspirations of the individual and the society.
  • A person is able to communicate effectively. It develops the ability to talk, understand and give oral/written responses to visual images.
  • It imbibes in the student the spirit of teamwork and collaboration.
  • It develops the creative ability, problem solving skills and linguistic skills. A person can make informed decisions about various issues.
  • The student is able to grasp things quickly and retain them for a longer period.
  • The student is able appreciate things better.
  • Art education improves the observational skills of the students.
  • Through Art education, a student develops sensitivity to other beings, cultures and values.
  • It makes the student capable of expressing themselves better.

Therefore art education is essential for the overall personality development of a student. It gives wings to the imagination of the young children. It also plays a crucial role in breaking down geographical and cultural boundaries and promotes teamwork and ability to work creatively in difficult situations.


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