What is Peace Education?

Peace Education attempts to develop the attitude and behavioural skills necessary to live in harmony with oneself and the surrounding natural environment. It tries to inculcate social values and is a measure to protect the child from the violent ways of the society.

Why is Peace Education necessary?

Violence is expanding at an unprecedented scale in the society. Violence is the cause for disorder and havoc in the society. It has wrecked the society. All of this affects a child’s emotional and mental stability. It might leave an indelible imprint on the innocent minds of children. Therefore peace education is necessary to instil in children a humanistic approach. It also helps in inculcating core human values necessary for peaceful and healthy living.

How does peace education benefit the individual and the society?

  • Leads to emotional and mental stability of individuals.
  • Creates and environment conducive for the growth of both the individuals and society.
  • Imbibes good attitudes in students and teachers as well e.g. co-operation, mutual respect, reverence, equality, non-violence.
  • Disciplines and organises individuals.
  • Individuals are able to live in harmony with themselves, others and the natural environment.
  • It encourages social participation and interactive activities
  • Teaches moral conscience
  • Reforms humanity and permits inner development of human personality. Therefore a person is better able to understand present conditions of social life.
  • It can bring an end to violence and injustice and promote culture of peace.

Concluding thoughts

Peace education is necessary to tackle violence. Peace education should be given an important place in the curriculum. Children would soon grow into next generation; therefore it is necessary to familiarize students with peace education. It protects children from violence and prepares them to build a peaceful world where all the people can live in harmony with themselves, others and their environment.


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