The Battle over Homework

Every day school brings something new and also brings with it homework. Teachers say homework is important in learning process. So, how important is the homework? Does homework develop study habits and reinforce learning? Or is it simply a waste of time?

Homework is advantageous as students learn discipline and it creates superior intellect. It teaches students diligence as they do their home assignments without the assistance of a teacher. It can help build the foundation for further learning. It develops cognitive abilities. Moreover, it bridges the gap between classroom learning and learning at home. It inculcates good study habits. With regular homework’s, students are better prepared for the tests. Parents are also aware of their child’s activities at school and what the school is teaching. When classroom time is not enough for a subject, homework is needed to provide the necessary exposure.

However, homework can be disadvantageous. It is useful only to an extent. Most students see homework as a burden. With too much worksheets and assignments to complete at home, it takes away the free time. More homework means less sports and extracurricular activities. Due to more homework and lack of sleep, it decreases the ability of the students to perform better. The studies have also revealed that there is no correlation between homework and improved performance of the student in class. Too much of homework can stress the students and result in adverse impact on the performance of the student.

This debate over homework continues. Too much of homework tires and demoralizes students. On the other hand, regular homework improves the performance of students in tests and imbibes in students good study habits. There is no victory over this battle of homework. Homework will continue to be a part of schoolwork.

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