Increasing use of English Language as the Medium of Instruction in Schools

A certain hoarding of an English training institute says “Learn English and the world is yours”. English language is no longer considered to be an alien language. On the contrary, it is being viewed as a uniting force that can link various countries and states and narrow the communication gap.

The preference of English language as a medium of instruction in schools continues to increase each year. Although, a lot of government schools still have to switch to English, some of them already have opted for change. Even parents these days prefer enrolling their children in English medium schools. While we all know that Hindi is the national language in our country while English is a language of the west, it is still one of the most important languages in India. What caused the growth of this language as a medium of instruction in upper primary level of education is worth studying.

English, these days, has become the official language at professional venues, be it any field. Especially, the IT revolution has reinforced the idea of learning English to stay ahead in the race and to vie for jobs in the software and BPO sectors. A person who has little knowledge of English language loses his status in the social strata. A world of opportunities is opened up for people who hold knowledge of English. So, parents prefer to educate their children in English so that they do not face problems later in moving up their lives. This also accounts to the fact that a lot of English medium schools have developed themselves to impart better quality of education than the various regional ones. In fact, majority of the private schools these days are English medium. The only schools left around that impart education in vernacular colleges are those that are aided by the government. As it is, people have lost faith in the government schools due to their poor quality of education. So, they undoubtedly resort to private English medium schools.

Yet, there are a few people who still feel a connect with their own regional languages. The emotional connect and the sense of nationalism persists in them which they find hard to retain with the acceptance of English language. But, on a large scale, this does not and will not hamper the growth of English in schools at all.


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