Teaching is all about building a relationship

Aristotle once said, “Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well.
We have had a great many teaching legends in our country. We had the great Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on whose honor we celebrate teacher’s day every year. We have had Guru Rabindranath Tagore and Savitribhai Phule. Even our Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh was a teacher before he was pulled into the dirty game of politics.

There have always been many noble teachers as well as organizations around, some famous and some yet to be recognized, that selflessly want to see our country’s education standards rise. Each teacher has his own way of imparting lessons to his students. Some are strict, some are funny, some instill fear and yet some are very easy-going. But what matters more is whether you can build that bond that would make the students learn from you, the teacher-student relationship. This is important because a student can never learn from a teacher he/she does not like. Strong relationships instill mutual confidence and respect and help to make a better student-teacher team. No one better than a teacher will know how to do it in the proper way with respect to the kind of classroom he/she has to deal with. But here are a few how-to’s that we think can help you develop the much needed personal relationship with the students.

Be a child – To bring the children to listen to you, be a child yourself. This is because a child does not understand the complex ways of the world. All that gets into his mind is innocence and simplicity mixed with a tinge of fun and that is all he understands.

Know as much as you can about your students – All the students come forth from different families, backgrounds and circumstances. So, the values with which they were brought up differs, the way they grasp things differs and so does the way they conduct themselves. It is a universal rule that to build any relationship we need to know more about each other. It may include details that are not found in the school records. It just might help you handle a student in a better way.

Give about a personal touch of your own – All the teachers can summarize their work to be teaching, testing and correcting whenever their students go wrong. How a student remembers a teacher depends on how the teacher delivered his teachings and how immensely he could touch a student’s life. So go forward and give your own personal touch to whatever you teach. Don’t just be a teacher, be a guide to the student. Be there when he is stuck up and again be there when he is happy to get out of the mess and learn something new.
Teaching is considered the most noble of professions because it touches the human mind and spirit. Carried out in an effective way, it can be said that the quality of teachers determines the future of a country. This is because however forward we may move in our life, one always looks back to the brilliant teachers who shaped our lives and touched our human feelings.


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