Uniforms – Analysing the old debate for ourselves

Shirts, trousers ties and blazers! Uniforms! Dresses those are alike. They all symbolize that we belong to an organization, together through ups and downs. We have all survived through years of uniforms during our school, some even through colleges and offices. The practice of uniforms has been an old debate. Yet, we see the rising use of uniforms in schools rather than just dress codes. Some people say uniforms are necessary to keep intact the discipline and decorum of educational institutions while others say it suppresses the real personality of the students from coming up. Let us analyze the positive and negative aspects of having uniforms in school for ourselves.
• Uniforms help establish an emotional stability among the students. To some extent, it bridges the differences between students coming from various economical backgrounds.
• It cuts off the time spent in the morning deciding what to wear and what not to wear.
• Uniforms bring in a sense of team spirit among people that belong to the same institution. Whether you like the code or not, you know you are in it together.
• It reduces the peer pressure on students to remain at par with the new trends and to look good every new day.

Variety is the spice of life. Uniforms mar this saying by making the schools look all dull and boring. Here is why we think uniforms kill the spice out of school life!
• Students are restricted from coming out with their individualities.
• There is no guaranteed fact that uniforms would ensure perfect discipline and enhance the learning capabilities of a student. It is just an assumed concept. Then why restrict the students by enforcing a certain law that may or may not be liked by all.
• Schools should be the place where a vibrant atmosphere should be maintained and variety encouraged.

On a personal note, I feel uniforms sure help in enhancing the learning environment in a school. While minimal dress codes ensure decorum, enforcing uniforms makes the students fall into a form that is much needed. They learn to embrace laws and disciplines irrespective of whether it appeals to them or not.

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