Interest in studying science is no longer the trend

There was a time when the cream students of a school made it into science sections in colleges and it was considered prestigious. The students who were able to take up science were expected to have a better career and a better life. The rest were expected to settle with a low paid job and mediocre lives. But this saga has witnessed a reverse change since a few years. With the rapid development India is witnessing now came increasing opportunities. These blooming opportunities resulted in a rising interest in diverse fields apart from just science. The preference for science has declined by around 20% in the last few years. In fact, there have also been articles about this in The Times of India as well as the Indian Express talking about the growing number of candidates in and B.A. rather than for B.Sc.

If you do not get science, you are not forced to take it up. You have got humanities, commerce and likewise options. In fact, a lot of schools have seen an increase in the number of students enrolling in different streams other than science. Even the brightest students do not hesitate from giving away science. This surge is so numerous that the schools had to add additional sections by downsizing science sections. This is only because of more opportunities as well as information about these future opportunities in various subjects. Apart from engineering, which has become passé now, unless you are doing it from one of the institutes with an ‘I’, more doors open in fields of law, chartered accountancy, journalism, fashion designing, architecture etc. Moreover none of these fields take science as a compulsory qualification.

Apart from the rising opportunity factor, the time spent in education before one enters the professional world is less for students for commerce than of science. All in all, the fields of commerce and economics have invited a cut-throat competition. Seeing this surge, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has also introduced projects in accountancy, business studies and economics.

This just shows how our country is stretching its arms of development in various fields and how readily the people have taken up this challenge to stand up in the forefront.

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