Character Education

Martin Luther King Jr. once quoted, “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”

Character education is an umbrella term loosely used to describe the teaching of children in a manner that will help them develop as a moral, good, mannered, behaved, non-bullying and socially acceptable beings. Knowledge without character provides students with a weak foundation for facing the problems and temptations of life. The purpose of education is to draw out the best from our students. It should be about more than just getting good grades on tests and making money after graduation. Education should teach students how to learn and to develop love for learning throughout their life. Students need to learn to think for themselves and take decisions on their own. They need to be prepared to handle the problems they will encounter in the future, to live purposeful lives and to learn the value of making contribution to others and society as well.

character ed apple

Students in many schools are taught social awareness, including how to cooperate, work in a group effectively, and take turns. These skills are important for use in groupwork in the classroom. Character education also emphasizes responsibility and respect, both of which are necessary for classroom success. After all, if students don’t take responsibility for their schoolwork or for handing in their homework on time, and if they are unable to act respectfully towards the teacher and towards other students, they will likely struggle to stay afloat in the classroom.

There are many examples of intelligent and well educated people who ended up in trouble or in prison because of character defects . Humane values need to be the foundation of education. Good education should help students to develop character traits and qualities such as courage, integrity, compassion, self-regulation, honesty, resilience, humility and caring about others. So students need the skills, inspiration and character to live meaningful lives and to make a positive difference in the world.

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