Knowledge vs Intelligence

Many few people understand the difference between knowledge and intelligence.
The definition of knowledge is: acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles. The definition of intelligence is: capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding and aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc. In simple words Knowledge is what you’ve learned, the information you’ve obtained, whether through education or from life experience and intelligence is how you’ve processed or used that knowledge.


In the present day, the Indian education system forces us to study. By heart everything and put them down in the exam paper. So, most of the people who get high marks for their exams have a lot of knowledge. They have stacked up a lot of stuff inside their memory. But do they know how to use that knowledge? Do they know whether the facts they have learnt are true or false? Most of them don’t! Most of them don’t know how to use their knowledge. In our country, many people who get a degree won’t get a good job and people who don’t even have a degree get top jobs. The main reason being that people don’t know how to use their vast knowledge and they are not practical. If you fill your head with too much knowledge, you might lose the capacity needed to process them.

On the other hand intelligence does not need an individual to rely on books and findings of early scientists. They don’t have to rely on Sir Isaac Newton to learn about the gravity. Humans know that. Human mind know every secret in this universe. We just need to be intelligent enough to find it. Even a poor child who haven’t gone to school know that everything tossed up, comes down. Isn’t that knowledge enough for our work? Do we really need to know who discovered it, how, what is his occupation and all other details. Our ancestors predict the future using astrology. It’s not guess-work, its maths. But it won’t be true all the time. How were all the theories and discoveries made ? The early scientists did all these stuff without the computers. They used the most powerful computer on this universe – The human mind. Great scientists like Sir Isaac Newton made great discoveries by their own because they were intelligent. Not with vast amounts of knowledge. They were intelligent enough to think.

During the World War, Japan possessed the most powerful and the largest battleship. They also possessed the most innovative and the largest submarine. But both of them were never put into real use. They were not practical. Not suitable for the ongoing war. It’s just like the Intelligence vs Knowledge war. So we can conclude that one can be intelligent and lack knowledge. One can have knowledge and lack intelligence. The two together are a powerful combination. So what do you think who will win the Intelligence vs Knowledge battle?

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