Public Schools Vs Private Schools

As time goes by, many people have gradually paid more attention to the schooling process, trying harder and harder to get their children the most promising education. As a result, more parents are turning to the private schools from the public school systems. There are many various aspects that help to differentiate between private and public school systems. First let us start by simply understanding what are private and public schools. Private schools are those schools that are established by individuals without any financial aid or support from the government. They are run and administered solely by the individuals under a trust. Public schools on the other hand receive grants from the government and may be administered partly by the government and partly by the individuals that establishes the school.


Public schools are mostly up to the secondary level, and are established in most parts of the country. Private schools on the other hand are concentrated near cities and towns and may offer education for primary level, secondary level or up to senior secondary level. The most important factor that separates public and private schools is the quality of education. The quality of education received by the children in private schools is better than the public schools. This fact has been supported by a number of surveys, researches and various competitive tests where children from both private schools and public schools participate. At the primary and secondary level the performance of government has not been up to the mark. In the last couple of decades the results of government schools have been exasperating. The quality of education has been degrading and the students are often incompetent. Compared to them, private schools in India have been performing quite well. But some public schools have started to emerge equally efficient as that of accredited private schools. Therefore to award private schools full marks in the contest ‘Private Schools Vs public schools’ would not be totally right.

According to a number of surveys, in public schools teacher absenteeism is a major issue. Whereas in private schools, teachers are unlikely to remain absent during school days. Student attendance is also better in private schools compared to public schools. One of the most debated tussles between government and private schools has been the medium of instructions. Private schools, as in most cases, have made it mandatory that the medium of instructions be English. The regional language is given the second preference. Some private schools have even introduced foreign languages, as an added knowledge to be given to the students. School administration and management in private schools observes a very strict code. Since individuals run them, the control on the staff and faculties is very much in the hands of the administrators. In public schools, there is a lenient code as both staff members and the head of the institute are under the control of government. For higher education there are better provisions and prospects. Universities and colleges under governments control have been doing well. Many other professional institutes are also the top performers.

So to conclude these were some of the characteristic features of private and public schools. Every parent comes to this thought ‘Private School or Public School’ once the children reach the age to get admitted in the school. So far as parent preference is considered it is obvious that private schools are the priority for people in cities. In small towns and countryside, public schools are the only options.


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