Cultivating the habit of reading

The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page.

When we are talking about reading here, let us change the conventional notion a bit. We are not talking about the reading habit that involves only books – fiction, contemporary or motivational. The habit of reading just means reading regularly. It can be newspapers, e-magazines or just random articles here and there. It can be anything. And it is important.

Reading – one of the topmost priorities on our “to develop” list and one of the most productive things to do with our leisure time. But very few of us actually find the time to retain it. Gone are the days when having been gifted a new shiny book made our day. We have moved on to things more sophisticated that undoubtedly complicate our lives. Even the children today have tabs and video games at their disposal to spend their time with. How many of them would you find with a tinkle or a champak or a batman comic in hand – the books that we literally grew upon?


We have come across this popular quote by Joseph Addison – “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” The habit of reading unquestionably helps a lot in grooming our language skills as well as our personality. It also helps increase the outlook of a person. Apart from that, our world is moving forward so rapidly, reading actually helps to keep us updated. It helps stimulate our thought process. There will come out a long list if we go into the benefits of reading.

So, here are a few things that could help rebuild and retain this habit in you. And yes, by reading we mean anything that adds value.

  • Just keep one book by your bedside. Any book at all that can grab your interest. However long it takes for you to complete it, just have it with you. You may go about reading ten pages a week in the beginning. But that is absolutely fine. You won’t come to know when the ten becomes twenty and further.
  • As for children, in addition to the entire gadget devoted days that they spend, let them read at least some books throughout the year apart from those prescribed in the curriculum. It can be anything – short stories, or the illustrious comics. Books or e-books, it is about building the patience to go through text. The very habit matters. You can also read it out to them.
  • Figure out a time slot every day that you can spend for this very reason. Squeeze out an hour from your schedule to read. It will go a long way in making you wiser.
  • When it comes to reading tits and bits to keep yourself updated, we have the father of the entire knowledge network – Google! Any word or issue that bothers you or has your interest pinned or your inquisitiveness growing, google it! There is nothing you would not find on Google. Read about them.
  • All of us are addicted to Facebook. However busy we may be, we still find some time to check on those red numbered notifications. Make that time count. There are numerous pages that publish good articles – news, sports, humor, satire, philosophy, adventure or anything abstract in various fields. Follow all of the pages that interest you. The like button will bring all of them together into your homepage. Five articles per day would not be bad after all.

Ultimately, no “how to do” tips will help you if you actually are not up for it. Start doing it the right way and reading never seems boring! Reading gradually develops the yearning to read more and that to yet more. So, HAPPY READING!

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