Grading System

The good old days when examinations were a fearsome thing, when bright students competed to ace their competitors and when weak students struggled with their books so that they won’t fail, is a thing of the past. As CBSE introduced the grading system in 10th and other state boards followed suite, examinations have been taken less seriously than ever before.

CBSE Class X New Grading System
The decision of CBSE to execute grading system has always received mixed responses. Parents who nagged their children to score high marks and come first in their class, suddenly could not comprehend the decision. Toppers were reluctant and dull students could not understand if it was for their good or not. A lot of parameters are to be considered to judge if this gradation system was worth it. The pros and cons of the system are given below:
 With the increased number of suicides in students due to failure in examinations and stuff, gradation system ensured that no one failed, hence aiming to reduce stress on students.
 Marking system meant that scoring high marks was more necessary than knowledge, thus compelling students to mug up everything in order to score high.
 Through grading system, education becomes more enjoyable and stress free.
 When scoring that one extra mark does not matter, complexes and negativity can be safely ruled out.
 All competition is removed because of this grading system. The point is what else can motivate a child to study other than competition?
 A student scoring 98 percent is placed in the same grade as a student who has scored 90 percent. The first student can then safely be lured to study less because it will not affect this grade! This way, we could be losing our brightest minds.
 Grading system makes students take their exams less seriously. With the level of difficulty in entrance examinations increasing, students will suffer when their basics are not clear.
Both marking and grading systems have their own advantages. But blindly following the US grading system without studying the mindset of the Indian students is a foolish thing to do. If the grading system is implemented, it ought to be implemented with a few thorough changes that will bring back the competition factor in education, but in a stress free way.

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