The craze for Foreign Education

The feeling of taking a liking for or bestowing a little more respect on the one who lives in or has just returned from abroad is very evident in our society. They seem to have come from a better world full of mysterious things we have never seen, advancements we are yet to witness, a lifestyle that differs from our culture. All of this fascinates us. Adding to this, our society has had an encouraging attitude for foreign education. Foreign education is looked upon as something meant for the elite students. This is how the willingness to pursue education or to get a job out there germinates.

To fulfill this, there are ample of opportunities today. There is Scholastic Aptitude Test for admission to colleges, Graduate Record Examination for masters, Graduate Management Admission Test for management and lot other keys to the dreams we nourish all through our childhood. This unexplainable biased attention towards someone who has had the touch of foreign exposure to their life has always been there. Although now, with the kind of development India is undergoing, the number of opportunities floating out there and the vast expanse of information networks, this obsession isn’t as crazy as it used to be.
The root reason for this obsession is the high regard society gives to people settled abroad. Many people believe that foreign countries hold better prospective for a good carrier. The glitter of a high profile job and chances of getting a better stipend attracts them. As compared to the technical based entrances in India, the entrance exams for education abroad (consisting of English and aptitude only) are easier to crack, with a little bit of channeled preparation. Apart from that, the amount of exposure foreign students avail, mingling with different people around the world, new cultures, new technologies – all of it seems amazing.
Like every good thing having a negative side to it, so does this. . Education abroad demands highly heavy expenses. India is treated as an effective recruiting ground for filling up faculties by the foreign institutes. The parents send their wards off with high amount of expectations. But they do not realize that for most of them, it is a one way route. Apart from this, away from home, new people and a new place cannot always be exciting. There are new challenges to be faced and new expectations to be met. Though majority of the students make the best of their lives, clicking there becomes difficult for some. They falter along the way and fall prey to the negative aspects of the western society. They gradually become withdrawn. Recently, there has also been an increase in the number of unsatisfied people returning home from abroad.
Before deciding on where to pursue our education further, we should first chalk out our priorities taking into consideration our nature and our capabilities. Know that our Indian education system is still one of the finest for higher education. Foreign education serves the best only if we are determined enough to survive and make the best use of the opportunities we get out there.

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