“Does India need more Super-30’s?”


Rated the best school of ASIA in 2010 and in the list of $ most innovative schools of the world; SUPER 30 is the biggest phenomenon in the educational ground of India. Not because it has a success rate of more than 90 percent in JEE for all its 11 years of operation, but because it is a straightforward example of education transforming social status, a thing screamed at us by every educational reformist.


Ananda Kumar, the founder of Super-30 says he was inspired to start this program after observing hundreds of under-privileged children unable to pay course tuition fees despite of being highly meritorious. With big money-making coaching institutes like Bansal Classes, Resonance, Career Launcher etc, whose booming course fees make the average parent sweat at the prospect of thinking that these institutes just have a 30 to 40 percent success rate, Super-30 is like a face palm for them! The students of the program are selected on the basis of a highly competitive test and then made to study in a culturally and socially friendly environment where they are morally boosted every day.

The question is:”Does India need more Super-30’s?”. It’s quite rhetorical because it is a great idea and everybody will agree to it. So the question underneath is: “Can India have more Super-30’s?”. This is somewhat troublesome. Ananda Kumar was a highly talented student who could not get into Cambridge University due to his financial problems and so his determination to make the under privileged students successful is understandable. But when the total turnover of the education industry(Yes, its referred to as an ‘Industry’) in India is around 4000 crores of rupees per annum and the fact remains that big business tycoons are associated with it does not let anyone care to run a free and self-less education scheme.

With a plethora of opportunities opening up in the careers in India, access to good education is a must for everyone. Since the best brains are not always bred in the richest homes, entrepreneurships like Super-30s are a must in every nook and corner of the country. Not just for engineering, but for every other stream of education available. Let us care less for politics and more for talent in this country.


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