Types of education today

Education today is varied with many features that add up to define its meaning. Education today does not only mean studying in a conventional manner: books, pens, pencils, scale, etc.; it is an institution that helps a student’s all-round growth and development.

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What are the different types of education in today’s times?

  • Formal education: one that teaches students in a conventional manner of going to schools and learning.
  • Non-formal education: one that involves in-formal methods of teaching. Non-governmental institutions (NGOs) are ones that are majorly involved in this form of education.
  • Correspondence/distance education: a form of education that deals with students taking up a course and without attending regular classes, sitting for an exam at their own preferred centers which again are chosen from a list of the educational centers of the university.
  • Online education: similar to correspondence/distance education, where virtual classes take place of the real classrooms. Lessons, assessments, assignments, case studies, etc. all take place through internet.
  • Safety education: an education that involves training of students for their self defense.

These are a few different types of education in today’s times.



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