Slum Education

Have we ever realised how much time we spend everyday in useless activities..!That time if managed properly then could be a tunnel for some ones future. There have been great men who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of free nation, then at this moment why are we bounded again by someone else’s thought?

Millions of lamps could be lightened if we just extend a helpful hand. Everyday we come across beggars, children singing songs by railway tracks and people working in inhuman conditions. They all have right to education but they cant avail such opportunities. We are blessed to walk in a path that leads to knowledge and centre of learning There are still thousands of left who are still away from nuggets of wisdom. If we all contribute a little to educate people from slum then there will be reduction in population of people who lives under BPL.
Education is the best provision for old age. We cant leave people behind who don’t have a secured future. Its our prime responsibility to share knowledge.  By educating one, we can at least begin the forum to welcome all. In a lifespan, one must do few acts about which they are proud of. Teaching is a noble job. Even a simple graduate can also teach kids the basis of learning. Skills are not necessary, just a beautiful heart is required, who thinks selflessly and sparkles the world with glory.  As education is the movement from darkness to light, then from this year onwards lets illuminate a lamp of knowledge in each house. These people know how to weave a mat but don’t know how to write the word “mat”. They know how to sell but don’t know how to calculate their income. Pause for a moment and think aren’t we offering a world of fools and illiterate to our forthcoming generation?
Indian population largely constitutes villagers and slum dwellers. Everyday before going to bed in night, we must help or educate someone. It could be son of your maid or your milkman. But just do it. The one who opens the doors of schools, closes the doors of prison. It is rightly said empty mind is the devils workshop. So by engaging in any productive activity kills the restlessness. By nurturing ones future, we are strengthening our character.
Roots of education are bitter but its fruits are sweet…



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