Instruction ends in school-room, but Education ends only with life.

The axiom is indeed true. Learning is not only confined in the classroom, but both inside and outside it. Acquiring knowledge and instruction from teachers can give us the direction in learning, but as lecture time is limited in the classroom; teachers cannot be with us whenever and wherever; teachers also cannot teach us everything in the classroom as they do not know as well as ourselves what our aptitudes and learning needs, we have to gain knowledge both inside and outside the classroom to perfect our study progress and effect.


Whenever we think of studies or learning or education, the first thought that comes to mind is School. English, History, Geography, Science, Math, etc. is all that we start to think of when educating the child is our motive. Yes, these subjects are a part of educating children, but subjects, instructions and lessons taught in schools are not the ONLY forms through which we can educate children. If you think that schools and colleges are institutions that can educate your child with their instructions, I suggest you need to re-think. Instructions and Education are not the same things. Instructions can lead one to the path of being educated but to be educated, ONLY following the instructions is NOT sufficient.

Education is a term with a wide scope of meaning. Subjects like science or math or geography can increase one’s knowledge about these different subjects, but, education does not only mean gaining knowledge about these different subjects, it’s something more. Being educated, being knowledgeable, being wise and more importantly being an able human being is what one should aim for. An overall development is what education should help you achieve.

Class-room instructions can only be helpful when they are put to use. Mechanical studying is not what education is about. When I say ‘mechanical studying’, I don’t mean studying ‘mechanics’, what I mean is not to study like a ‘machine’, i.e. without understanding. Learning is a process that helps one grow inwards as well as outwards, i.e. to say, a total growth of one’s personality, and this growth and development cannot be achieved by being mechanical. Until and unless a child does not take the initiative to learn and understand and follow the class-room instructions, he/she will not have a full growth. It should be the concern of the parents to see to it that their child is willing to learn and is not forced to or not changed into a machine.

Learning is not going to school; learning is adapting the instructions given by teachers to be knowledgeable. If parents/guardians understand this simple principle, then certainly every child’s education will be ‘never-ending’. The focus should be to educate the child and not to send the child to some big-shot school (as parents these days do focus at, which is not correct) and understand the importance of gaining knowledge both inside and outside the classroom.


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