The ‘new’ in Indian education system: range of new courses

India has witnessed a range of new courses introduced over the last year. Following highlights some recent additions to the exhaustive list of programs already available:

COURSE NAME: Post Graduate Diploma in C4D (Communication for Development)
DURATION: 15 months

  • This course, in association with UNICEF, will teach skills involved in public service advertising, journalistic writing, documentary film-making and screen writing for television.
  • The theoretical part of the course will be primarily focused on studying development.
  • The course is designed in such a way that the students pursuing this course will come to deal with the history and realities of development not only in India, but also abroad. Graduates from any stream with good communication skills and a passion to create social change can apply.


COURSE NAME: Master of Arts in European Studies
DURATION: 2 years

  • It is a two-year master program with one year of study in Manipal University followed by the opportunity to study the second year in one of the partner universities in Europe.
  • It is designed to train students in various aspects of European studies: economic, political, socio-cultural and developmental.
  • The course offers an opportunity to learn two international languages – French and German.
  • Selection is based on the performance in the qualifying exam and an interview taken at the university. Course fees are Rs. 30,000 for the first year and according to the fees charged by the host college for the second year.

COURSE NAME: Master of Technology in Aviation
DURATION: 2 years

  • During the course, students will study at UoP’s Department of Technology for the first six months while the remaining three semesters would involve onsite training at the FFL facilities in Germany, eventually leading to a European flying license by German aviation regulator LBA.
  • The basic qualification required to join the new semester pattern course is a degree in engineering or technology branch. The cost is approximately Rs. 55 lakhs (inclusive of medical, insurance and flying license expenses).

COURSE NAME: Master in Public Policy
DURATION: 2 years (4 semesters)

  • This course will look to provide future policy makers and policy analysts with a practical skill set to help them introduce and make better policies.
  • The course will be relevant to graduates from any stream looking to teach and/or undertake research in public policy, intend to join government departments/public service or want to work with a policy research centre.
  • The course consists of ten core subjects and six electives which can be chosen from nine electives. The college will be offering 30 seats with an estimated course fee of around Rs. 50,000.

COURSE NAME: Master of Art in Ancient Indian Culture and Archaeology (MA AICA) and Master of Art in Buddhist Studies (MA-BS)
DURATION: 2 years

  • The MA-AICA comprises papers ranging from prehistoric India to history of theatre and performing arts in India. There are even applied papers like epigraphy, manuscriptology, cultural tourism, etc.
  • The MA-BS course will be taught with multiple methodological approaches. It will include studies of Buddhist literature in Pali, Tibetan, Sanskrit, art and architecture in India and abroad, development of Buddhist ethics and philosophy, etc. There will be a definite focus on the Buddhist worldview and its socio-cultural analysis. Field visits, wherever required, will also be included.
  • Interested applicants will be required to hold a bachelor’s degree from the University of Mumbai or any other UGC recognized university.

COURSE NAME: Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Science
DURATION: 2 years

  • It is a dual degree. The student will spend the first year in Manipal University and the second year in AUT University, New Zealand.
  • Course content includes exercise physiology, advanced human movement studies, enhancing muscular performance, applied nutrition and applied science, integrative and quantitative research and dissertation.
  • Aspirants need to have a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy or occupational therapy or exercise and sports sciences.
  • Punjab University and N.I.M.S. University, Rajasthan offer a similar Master in Sports Science degree which is not a dual degree.

Post Graduate Diploma in Jewellery Sales and Retail Operations
3 semesters

  • Subjects like communication skills, jewellery designing, jewellery business in India, marketing, salesmanship and retailing, computer application, etc are covered in the first two semesters.
  • Third semester comprises an industrial internship.
  • Graduates in any stream who have obtained a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate in the qualifying examination may apply. There is no entrance test.

Cloud Computing Course
DURATION: 1 year

  • The course looks to cover the management of essential operation components such as policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources and external contacts for overall effectiveness.
  • The course will comprise six modules.

A few of the other new courses coming up in a few of the universities in India are:

  • Gardening Course in Marathi
  • Garden Craft Course in English
  • Ornamental Aquarium Course
  • Electro-Technical Officer’s (ETO) course
  • Diploma in Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables (DVAPFV) Program
  • B.Com Capital Markets (Full time, 3 years).
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance (Full time, 1 year).
  • PG Certificate in Banking Operations (Full time, 4 months).
  • PG Programme in Financial Applications for engineers and postgraduates (Full time, 6 months).
  • Certified Financial Market Associate (Part- time, 10 hours a week for 4 months).
  • Petroleum management

The above, though not an exhaustive list of the new courses available, are few of the new courses that one can avail to in India.



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