Who is a great teacher?

A great teacher can be defined in two simple words: Best Friend. Who better to trust that a best friend? And if your teacher is your best friend, what can be better than that? You get to entrust your child to a teacher who is your child’s best friend! If this is gained, you know you’ve secured a very good education for your child.


What is this best friend/teacher/great teacher like? Or let’s discover what is this teacher supposed to be like? A good teacher must have a pleasing personality, good communication skills, friendly attitude, and explicit outlook towards problems and teaching skills that indulges the student’s interest in studying while teaching the subject in more interesting ways than one.

Being a good teacher can be the most rewarding and exciting job in the world – however, being a teacher who doesn’t work effectively can be stressful, painful, and exhausting. Here are some great tips to being the best teacher you can be.

  • Ø Set an example for your students, i.e. create an image of yourself that makes your students ‘look up to you’ in honor and respect and even making them want to be someone like you.
  • Ø Have well-defined consequences for your students if they break rules or disobey
  • Ø Be compassionate: develop a strong relationship with your student by showing them that you care for them, that you are warm, accessible and enthusiastic.
  • Ø Set some ground rules as consequences for any rules broken and that too, with the opinion of the students so that they feel listened to and even feel loyal towards you.
  • Ø Try maintaining a creative environment where each class becomes a new and exciting hour for your students.
  • Ø Maintain peace in the classroom by not allowing any violent debates.
  • Ø Be ever-ready to help your students when they come to you with their problems (even when it’s out of syllabus or a personal problem.).
  • Ø Orally clear all the basic doubts or ignorance about a topic before an in-depth teaching of the same, so that the students can follow and understand what’s being taught.
  • Ø Keep your class interactive by asking more basic questions than just what was taught in class that particular day.
  • Ø Use debates as a form of learning method for your students. Make this a positive competition rather than one where either of the two is stubborn to prove one-self right. Instead make it engaging and interesting enough by which your students can learn something new and extra.
  • Ø Be smart enough to distract the attention of your students from everything else to the topic. Make them focus.
  • Ø Appeal to students’ interest in the topic instead of commanding them to study.
  • Ø Understand and make your students realize that everything they learn in their lessons have practical implications or connection.

These are a few ways that can make you take the leap from being a teacher to being a great teacher.


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