Role of NGOs in education

NGOs play an effective role in many people oriented programs such as health, family planning, environment and non -formal education. It is a fact that Education For All (EFA) could not be provided through schools alone. Non formal education should be developed to provide literacy education combined skill training to all. As a matter of fact the NGOs have shown that they are more effective and efficient to provide education for all especially through non-formal education.

The Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which are volunteering their services in various fields around the world are, no doubt, doing commendable jobs. NGOs extend education to underprivileged children in India, and develop innovations that improve the quality of primary education. Every good work is important without exception but the work for ‘Promotion of Education’, by all means, is the best. Education gives real meaning to human lives therefore, those working for the promotion of education are the best people and the NGOs involve in education are, to me, the best ones in the world.


What NGOs can do for education?

NG0s can play an effective role in assisting the State to complement the public education system and to improve its effectiveness. As various survey revealed that the experimental approaches of the NGOs have successfully tackled many shortcomings in schooling.

  • NGOs involvement in education increases the accountability of the schooling system to the beneficiaries.
  • The NGOs can establish partnerships with the Government to share their models rather than create islands of excellence.
  • The effectiveness of NGO action is best in evidence in the successful schooling of underprivileged children, communities in remote locations, scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and other children that face social barriers to education.
  • NGOs can find out and accordingly suggest the respective authority that targeted actions are required for specific deprived groups, for instance, the urban poor, child workers or street children.
  • NGOs can pioneer the concepts of the voluntary teacher and the alternative school to counter teacher absenteeism and to make appropriate education available for out of school children.

NGOs have and are helping the nation with its most required need: education for all. The kind of work that NGOs have done over the years and are continuing to do is really commendable. At times the Government organizations have failed to live up to the educational needs and requirements of people, but the NGOs around the country have never let anyone down.


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