What do we mean by ‘opportunities’ when we want to carve them out for our children?

‘I want to be an astronaut, mom’, ‘I want to be a teacher, dad’, ‘I want to become a model, momma’…dreams! Dreams! Dreams! Unlimited, at times crazy, weird, baseless, sometimes dreamy to the very ‘d’ of dreams, but they are dreams that our children see day and night, that keep changing, that are sources in shaping the careers of our children; food for thought is what do we do to turn our children’s dreams into reality? How do we carve out opportunities for our children to be able to change their dreams into a reality that can make their lives their dream world?


  • Allow your child to dream
  • Respect your child’s decision when it comes to choosing career options
  • Give full support necessary to help them achieve their goals
  • Guide them well, if unable to guide yourself, provide guidance from another
  • Look for all pro’s and con’s so that you can do the background work for the choice made by your child
  • Look for the best institutes that can coach your child to become what they dream to become
  • Prepare your child to be able enough to become what they dream to become, but DO NOT pressurize them
  • Support your child MORALLY, by never letting them feel low if they fail
  • Think of other options for them if they fail to achieve what they wanted to
  • Don’t ‘help’ them make the walk on the chosen path; ‘help’ them to walk on their own

Above are a few pointers that though are not an exhaustive list to the ‘opportunities’ list that I intended to pen-down, yet, are a few ways in which you can become an active agent in forming of opportunities for your child.


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