Educational significance of Social Development

Social development is a process that results in the transformation of social structures to improve the capacity of a society in order to fulfill its objectives. It aims specifically in developing power to elevate expansion of human activity. Education plays an important role in the Social Development of the child.


Learning of social behavior is a long and slow process. Socialization has both an intellectual and impulsive aspect. The child must learn what is right and what is wrong and as soon as he/she is old enough he/she must know why it is so. In addition he/she must develop the desire to do what is right and to avoid doing what is wrong. The intellectual aspect of Social Development is accomplished by participating in group activities so that the child can learn what the group expects. The impulsive aspect is accomplished by associating pleasant reaction such as reward and approval with what is right and an unpleasant reaction such as punishment and disapproval with what is wrong. The child can learn to behave in a socially approved manner through trial and error, through direct teaching and identification.

Trial and error learning is time consuming, energy consuming and end results are often far from satisfactory. Parents must teach the child what is right and what is wrong and persuade him/her to act as the society expects (given the condition that the societal rules and norms are free of any bondages like caste, creed, color, sex and religion). The child also learns social and moral behavior through identification. In identification the child takes over the values of another like parents, siblings, peers and models behavior after the behavior of that person.

Whether the child learns social and moral behavior through direct teaching or identification, parents and teachers use discipline to shape the behavior of children. A child will imitate the patterns of behavior he/she observes in the other person.

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