What Can She Do?

Society operates efficiently when the male and the female exist in harmony and work together for the betterment of their family and the world they live in. the exploitation of either of them leads to conflict, disharmony and crime. The society at large has been patriarchal and unfortunately, women have been subordinated since a long time. The saying “behind every successful man, lies a woman” stands completely true as it is a woman who stands as a pillar of strength for those in her life. Be it a friend, a wife, sister, daughter or mother, her role is irreplaceable. Their seemingly submissive nature often tricks people into thinking that women are meant to be dominated. This thinking has been conditioned widely among the well off and the underprivileged alike.


Women often care for their loved ones to such an extent that they often forget that they are someone too. With the rise of feminism in recent history, women have begun to find a voice. With time, they have learnt to speak up for their own. But there is a lot to be covered. More than the women who have risen up for themselves, there are many more who are yet to be emancipated. There can be no progress if the other half of the population is denied education. It is crucial to educate the female population so that they can contribute towards the progress of the society as much as their male counterparts do. Apart from that, when they will be empowered, they will no longer feel dependant on anyone to support them. They can take their own decisions and be at par with the men.

A child’s overall development depends majorly on her environment and her parents. It’s the influence the family has that shapes the way she thinks. Surveys show that pregnant women who have been educated have lower infant mortality rates than those who have not been educated. The reason behind this is, educated women are more aware than those who are not and they take proper measures to ensure the good health of their children and themselves. If the woman of the house is educated, she can manage the household better with her partner, her children will have a better upbringing and they, in turn will take forward the society further.

Just like a stone thrown in a lake creates ripples, the act of educating a girl child today will have ripples of positive action and progress. One little but significant good deed today will bring upon a future brighter than the sun.


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