A common but neglected tale

Like everyday Basanti, our college hostel maid came sharp at 7’o clock in morning to complete her chores in the hostel premises. She knocked at Vaibhavi’s door and called, “Beta bartan dhone hain?”, and the next moment she was washing them. Basanti has been working before I joined here as a student. I feel she is the most sincere of all the maids that work in our hostel because she talks very sweetly to boarders, and never hates doing what she does, our corridor is the most clean from all the rest three and the bathrooms ultra-clean. If there was some award for the best maid, it would undoubtedly go to her. But there is a grim story behind the ever-cheerful Basanti. She has four kids and only one of them ,t he eldest girl has been able to complete her twelfth class. The second child, is not studying at all. And the next two in ranks, the two boys have not been enrolled for their tenth class due to lack of money. Her husband also earns an amount sufficient to get square meal a day. You might be wondering that this problem is prevalent among masses in India. Correct !


Since these households are not employed in government sector they cannot get their students enrolled in a government school which is relatively cheaper than private schools. With no options left, they are persuaded to get their kids enrolled in Private schools, whose expenses keep on rising exponentially with time and the demands keep on multiplying. Hence, after sometime unable to fulfill the requests they have no option left, than withdrawing their pupils and making them end up at homes.

Government must not overlook this problem and must chalk out strategies to improve the condition of these people above poverty line but not prosperous enough to ensure the continuity in education of their wards. Basanti has her own dreams, dreams of seeing her children well-settled, not having to live a life that they gave them, but something better than their present condition. India is home to millions of such households, that is the reason for high school dropouts annually in India. Government can think of opening vocational training centres for these students who cannot fund their education so that, they do not fall into trap of the goons and destroy their lives. Because these are potential that terrorists seek, they drag them into illegal actions on the pretext of money, and they readily comply because a starved for food will do anything. Thus to stop this dangerous flow of wind, some really strong actions are indispensable.

This will secure the future of hundreds of thousands of children. The girls will not be drawn into prostitution, or bar dancers and will instead be able to live a life of dignity. Everyone, after all, has a right to live a life of dignity. And if we can secure the future of a single child, we should never flinch or move backwards. If we are not doing anything , we are partners in their suffering.


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