Extra-Curricular Activities in School

Webster dictionary defines extra-curricular as extra activities that can be done by the students in a school but that are not part of the regular schedule of classes. These activities include sports, dance, music, and dramatics, debating, etc. such activities contribute to the holistic development of students as they promote a healthier attitude towards competition in various fields and life in general. They promote growth and development and encourage students to experiment and find their true calling. Not all students have similar aptitude for academic subjects which makes extra-curricular activities a necessity. Unfortunately, such activities have been relegated to the status of hobbies to be pursued only when a child takes a break from trying to excel at academics.

extra curricular

In the cut throat world we live in it is has become imperative to be excellent in academics, get into a top notch institutes for higher education and land jobs that pay impressive salaries. There is a constant race to be at the top and drowning in books has been declared the only way to achieve that. Those that fail to excel in these examinations then do not stand a chance in our society. Such an education system does not recognize the fact that each individual has different interests and capabilities. A student who is not good in academics may be an excellent dancer for instance. In such a case the child should be encouraged to work on the skill she has the aptitude for instead of being forced to mindlessly learn words on a page. This is not to say academics aren’t important, just that other skills are just as worthy.

In this age of technology when everything is at the touch of our fingers the outdoor has lost its importance. Extra-curricular activities in schools encourage students to shift their world outside and indulge in some physical activity. This holds true for most sports which also help in developing team spirit and teach students to work in tandem with others. The same applies for other activities which can be done in groups. It also increases self confidence and helps develop social skills. It also increases students’ self-confidence and improves social skills. They learns important lessons when they deal with situations that may come up and also experience winning and losing while learning to take it all in their stride. This shall help them in life when they get prepare to deal with the competitive world as is.

Academic excellence overshadows excellence in other fields as career opportunities seem few when compared to those the former provides. Parents, thus, discourage children from getting distracted. If extra-curricular activities are to earn a place in the lives of students this, any field of interest, any activity if given enough time and opportunity to develop can be turned into a lucrative and fulfilling career option.

Thus, extra-curricular activities promote not just a hobby for a child but also viable future prospects all the while fulfilling their physical and psychological needs while promoting holistic development that good education entails.


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