How much the Education system Educates?

As parents concerned about the education of your child, you admit your child in schools hoping that the school will educate your child, but, how much the education system, which you have provided for your child, ACTUALLY educates the child? Is your child truly growing under the schools you have admitted him/her in? GROWTH is complete only and only when your child grows mentally, physically and most importantly morally. Is your child losing his/her morals in trying to become smarter, more intelligent and sharper? This is the question the answer to which would define how educated a child is.

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Moral education is must. We often hear people around us grumble that the world is in a very bad shape. There is much of corruption, exploitation, merciless killings, terrorism, a lot of casteticism and communalism, pollution, global unrest, mutual
hatred and a total crisis of character. Man, machine and money are the modern day trinity. Morality is a casualty. Inflicting untold miseries and sufferings on oaf fellow beings is the rule of the day. All this needs to be reformed. But who is to bell the cat? It is the children, who have to complete the task.
Today the dire need of the hour is imparting of moral and spiritual education in schools, for the simple cause of making the young ones strong, brave, courageous and valiant enough to fight the unending list of evils.

Even after we have schools imparting moral education, it is not that effective. This has resulted from the simple reason that such an important subject is not properly introduced to the children. The educational system has just introduced a subject named ‘moral education’ in schools, but has not taken appropriate steps to make the child morally alive. Hence, they have failed to achieve what they had set out to achieve.

Once a Jain acharya addressed an auditorium full of college students and asked them how much have they grown? Have they lost a bit of their sensitivity towards the poor and the weak? Were they less caring towards the under-privileged? A college, whose managing committee had claimed that their college produced students who had ‘grown’ under them, students of which, when asked these questions gave a clear NO as their answer. If the answer was a unanimous NO then how can one claim that the educational system is sufficient enough to educate the child?

By just involving a subject named ‘moral education’ we cannot achieve morally grown individuals. The educational system needs to stress on this initiative that they have undertaken. But, is anything being done to stress the importance of morals and values in schools, starting from kindergarten? Not much!

The call of the hour is that parents, guardians and teachers come together to impart values and morals to students from kindergarten stage. If we can achieve the enforcement of morals along with other subjects, I think we would be able to see a world free of all evils.

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