Teachers – The Greatest Beings

I know its hard to imagine the world where we don’t have any mentors or guidance to teach us the best way. But yes if we all would be dreaming to join a MNC or choosing a easier path for rest of our lives then there will be day when we will be short of great teachers. Be the one you want to be but never choose a path because its easy. Teachers are the ones who teach us being morally right, who educate us , who elongate our way from a toddler to a teenager, who walk besides us in our  low times, who motivates and who keeps us knocking down so that we learn to stand erect. We might never realise how much we owe to them but they are always the ones who sailed our boats even in high tides. Being a teacher is difficult. One has to be right always. there she has no room for mistakes bcz she is framing a child future. So learn to walk in the darkest room and come out with a light. Teachers are the great souls that serve selflessly for the nation. Never miss a opportunity to thank them because whatever we are today, we entirely owe to them. Either we be naughty or good we are thy children.

they are the strong pillars who have guided us to climb the highest of mountains and swim deepest of breach. Many a times we forget to thank most important people in life so as the new year progresses take out a minute and thank all those who made a difference in your life.
To all teachers who have highlighted best in us and who will be carving out our future…!

teacher pic


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