Importance of sports in life

I just got over my intra-college sports fest and am all broken, vexed but jubilated. While playing I was just wondering the dimension sports adds to the personality of a person, and that process of thinking makes me share what I feel.


First, I titled the post as “Importance of sports in education” but then I edited it and substituted the word “life” in place of “education”. Well, you get it right, sports or any sort of regular physical activity is indispensable for a healthy and a happy life. Students often complain that they do not have sufficient time to play, that they are burdened with loads of work, assignments, and all the other priorities that eventually end up making the priority of them being healthy the lowest. No, I have just taken up the example of a student, if you are a working class person, ask yourself right now. Do you feel the same? Is your boss’ expectations keeping you off your health regime? Are your office hours impeding in your healthy lifestyle? Or have you sacrificed thinking about health lately, because you care not to care or put it simply, really BUSY? Well, then allow me to tell you that if you are not making time for health then you are making time for sickness. Engaging in some sort of health activity everyday replenishes your brain, brawn and mood. It simply uplifts your idea of yourself and you become more confident. When you become more confident, you stay happy and embrace office work with cheer and not as some burden that you have been saddled to do. Being healthy has unknown benefits. It increases the concentration of the person, and hence the efficiency.

Now, its futile to write about the great points of playing sports or engaging in some sort of workout, because the internet is flooded with that information. What we need to know is that if today we are not conscious of our health, then we will have to be sorry tomorrow. Success is incomplete without a good and a healthy body. Choice is yours  !

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