The purpose of Education

“Every day we go to school, but WHY?” asked a five year old. This question makes us think about the purpose of education. What is the purpose of education? The purpose of education is two-fold: its purpose is to not only acknowledge one’s intelligence, but also one’s character, provide one with the ability to make decisions and achieve their goals.

One of the purposes of education is to acknowledge one’s intelligence. Intelligence is a crucial part of education but alone intelligence is not the sole purpose of education. Intelligence plus character-that is the true goal and purpose of education.


Most of us consider education as a means of generating intelligence which in turn would produce future opportunities of attaining a luxurious life. Education today is directly proportional, to many, as a means through which you can earn a desired living. But wait, is this ALL that we aim for? Isn’t it true that without being educated also you would be able to earn a living? Then why should we curtail the importance of education to a level of merely a machine that helps minting money? We need to acknowledge the true purpose of education. Education is not as limited as a machine that mints money; it is a macrocosm that creates individuals of high character in this microcosmic existence.

The future provided for by gaining education is NOT ONLY a luxurious living with heavy bank balance, but, a BETTER LIVING with ‘humanely humans’ and not ‘dragons in human disguise’.


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