Life-Enriching Education

Education is the medium that leads to understanding of ‘who I am’ and developing ‘who I want to be’.

Education is life-enriching in ways more than one. When educators transform schools into life-serving and learning-rich environment institutes it maximizes the potential of each student. If this be achieved, then Education is surely enriching.

A typical 14-year-old, slouched in the classroom and gazing out of the window on a wet Thursday afternoon, might ask just why they are in school. Society should be able to answer convincingly. We should be clear about what Education means to society, and also what it means for the individual. This is a question that has been under debate since ancient times.

“Plato’s most revolutionary idea was that Education was the business of the state,” writes the contemporary philosopher Julian Baggini. This notion is accepted today by all but the most right-wing thinkers. But in the 19th century, Baggini notes, the women’s rights pioneer Mary Wollstonecraft “recognized that Education would reflect the cultural norms of the day. If these norms were defective, the Education system itself would help perpetuate injustice”.

Despite the best attempts of educationists and politicians to stop schools from perpetuating society’s injustices, Wollstonecraft’s warning remains apt. One of today’s biggest political battlegrounds is over how the school system can do more to equalize children’s chances in life. The government, at one hand, where it is adding more targets with the aim of helping children from deprived backgrounds to do better, on the other hand, the opposition says that more freedom and choice are needed.

Even after there being an unbalance regarding difference of opinion of how educationists can stop schools from perpetuating society’s injustice, the clear fact that stands-out is that Education certainly holds enough power to not only hinder societal injustices, but it can even eradicate those injustices and vices. Education as an institute imparts knowledge of how to unravel the un-known and even to know the un-earthed known; which helps a society produce people with great thinking and wisdom-this great thinking and wisdom is the ladders that can help one reach a point where all the injustices and vices in society can be erased. Talking about the power of Education, there develops the need to define this powerful institution:

When we try to find the answer to the question: ‘what education is for’ one answer from range-thinkers that reverberates is: “For individuals, the purpose is to achieve personal fulfillment, to open up opportunity and to enable them to take an interest in and contribute to the world around them. For society, Education should prepare young people for success in life and for work. For the benefit of civilization, Education should cherish and enhance the best that has been thought and said and done.” But, this answer is more of a working-man/woman like approach. Another opinion to this question is that Education imparts an understanding of ‘who I am’ and ‘who I want to be’.


Education is that institute that answers both. It even helps answering materialistic gains and even the social, cultural and personal gains. If this be clearly understood and accepted, it would certainly initiate better chances and opportunities for all. This is the enrichment provided by Education:

“Acceptance of Education, acceptance of wisdom

Acceptance of Wisdom, acceptance of a brighter future

A brighter future means more opportunities

More opportunities means maximizing a child’s growth

Maximizing a child’s growth= life’s enrichment.”


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