Realise The Power Within You

We live in a country whose constitution abides by the democracy, where people have right to protest and participate in framing the government. Its been 65 years of independence and lakhs of cases have gone unheard and pending with a verdict. We all want a change, we all want to live in better place, we all want to see clear skies and we all want to breath without any fear.
why to be just a spectator, why to be just a victim. We all are educated and its high time we realise the need to stand up against all odds. The biggest regret we will carry with us will be not standing for what we believed in. If you can sit back of your chair and talk about faults then hold the courage to run to the front desk and make yourself count. Don’t be lazy lad, feel the power running in your hands and feel the change you want to see.
make use of your knowledge. Its no time to compromise or tolerate the exploitation. We all have voice, so make use of it. All the education will be of no use if its not used where required. It is important to speak up o that it spread awareness and the guilty could be punished, otherwise if once ignored then it will be taken as granted for always. Be the one who brings change, not the one who adjust with it..!



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