Gift Not A Book But An Education

There is nothing better than receiving a gift during the festive season. It becomes even more special when the gift is an excellent book you wanted to read. Unlike you and me there are millions of people who cannot enjoy such gifts for they cannot read. What is the use of giving a book to somebody who cannot read? It shall lie forgotten in a dusty shelf serving no purpose. What is a good gift though, is teaching someone to read that book.

‘Each one teach one’ seems like the apt motto to promote education at the most basic level but is anyone listening? Everybody has the right to attain elementary education so that they may live an independent life but not all have the resources or opportunity to learn. This is where giving somebody, anybody, the gift of education comes in. most of us are so busy with our lives we have no time for ourselves let alone putting in time to teach someone else. Thankfully, that is not the only way one can promote education.

The easiest course of action for anybody willing to help a child attain education is to dedicate a few hours teaching that child. For those who cannot spare the time there are other ways to contribute such as finding a teaching institution where the main objective is not making money but imparting knowledge. Helping unprivileged children enroll into such institutions is the first step towards gifting them an education. Schools run by the government, NPOs and NGOs concentrate not only on theoretical knowledge but also vocational skills. It is this combination of theoretical and practical knowledge that is imperative for a thriving life in the capitalistic world.

For everybody else who can clear their schedules, pick a book and do some good. Volunteer to teach skills you have at training centers and institutes run by various organisations. Give a gift, the invaluable gift of education.

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