Educate a Girl, Educate a Family

malalaIn the quest for education these words have become a refrain. Educating a girl is equal to educating a family. The mighty patriarchs disagree for they firmly believe that every female is destined to perform specific roles. Women can cook, clean and bring up children but there is no use of education for this particular career. This is where the first fallacy of patriarchal system followed in our society lies. This mistake of undermining women as mere caretakers is now costing our nation which is apparent in the gender discrimination that exists even in modern, progressive time such as these.

These very stereotypes are the reason why educating females is necessary. An educated woman is an aware woman. In each of the many roles a woman plays she shares her knowledge and values and having a sound education influences this exchange for the betterment of the society. In this age and day where we are fighting against blatant disregard for women education makes for an efficient weapon. A mother is responsible not just for bringing up her child but also inculcating in him good values and respect for all beings. A woman who is educated and has managed to break out of the gender stereotypes will be more likely to educate her family about the perils of a biased patriarchy. She will make sure that her family leads a healthy life and is not responsible for obstructing anybody’s liberty to live a life of dignity.

Women have been relegated to the backseat. Women manage their homes while men go out into the world. Education is the means to break down this wall between home and the world. It is evident that women can be just as successful as men if given equal opportunities and this begins with their right to education. Parents are the biggest contributors for this cause. Earlier it was believed that men are bread-winners but times have changed and women have progressed. Educated women are as much of an asset as educated men, equally capable of providing for their families. This creates a need to raise awareness among people who still believe in the division of home and work on the basis of gender. Overcoming this hurdle will be a leap in increasing the number of responsible and aware citizens where women will play an active role in social, economic and political decision making.

This is not to say that there have been no developments where education for women is concerned. There has been a huge increment in female literacy rates over the last two decades but it is still work in progress. It is a long journey and we have just begun but the barriers are giving way and hurdles are being overcome with determination. A drastic change in the cultural mindset that limits the role of women to that of only womb is the need of the hour. A belief in the capabilities of women is what shall redeem this nation.

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