Education Inspite Of All Odds

There will be instance in life when no matter how hard we try to achieve something but still we fail at some point. Attaining knowledge is similar to that. We must study against all odds. There are people who have capabilities and always have dreamt of learning but still circumstances have made them deprived of education. Education leads to upliftment and in turn provides meaning to life. As said by Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani educationist “pens and books are the most powerful weapons against terrorism”. she portrays education as the only solution for all mishappenings in the world. She believes in power and strength of words. Our words can bring about the change if we believe in them. If a young lady can her be so enthusiastic and optimistic about propagating knowledge then why cant rest of world can be..
There are millions of facts written in holy books differentiating about good or bad deeds but still people are falling apart, still people  walk over the wrong path and still world is not a better place to live. There is no limit for learning neither any limit for teaching. All we need to do is to look for passion and be the one who stands out of the crowd. When Dr Radhakrishnan Sarvepalli an ordinary boy from villages of Madras could shake the whole nation then we must follow his enlightened path and write a era of new legendries.
Be a scholar or Be a engineer
Be a doctor or Be a entrepreneur But just be best of it.
Don’t leave any open loopholes, just create thirst of knowledge and you wont be far away from being another legendary..


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