Who gets to decide?

The medical forms for the coming year have been released. In a few months from now, the entrance forms for the other colleges are going to be out as well. Deciding a career for oneself is perhaps the toughest decision that a student has to make. Selecting a career path and then firmly sticking to it is nothing less than a challenge. From picking a stream that you are best suited with in grade eleven to selecting the course you want to pursue in college – this decision making process of life never ends.
Every child is an individual and hence has his/her own interests. Is it thus fair to let anyone but the child decide what the child wants to do with his life? Our parents are pivotal to our lives. They raise and nurture their child. Parents have a future planned out for their child before the child even begins to speak and it is certainly true that as individuals we owe a lot to the people who make us who we are. But is it right to pick a stream you would never consider for yourself over something that you really love and always dreamed about for yourself?
With the mindset of people changing- Engineering, Medicine and Teaching are not the only popular choices anymore. The fear of uncertainty that comes with new options is less prevalent in the youth of today and they are ready to explore every option that is presented to them. Taking up liberal arts or a course of a dietitian or maybe a course in photography is no longer frowned upon. The most important thing is to make a career out of something you love.
There are going to be people who will not share the same ideas or dreams that you have and there will be other who will go one step ahead to make you feel stupid for the choices you make but in the end, it is your life. You have just one life. And it should be you who decides in which direction you want to progress in life.


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