Project BaLA – Building as Learning Aid

creating-interactive-learning-environment“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” ~Clay P. Bedford

A school is the first major external space that a toddler steps into that determines his tomorrow. It is therefore important to build the school in such a way that the students who begin a new journey of their lives, make the most of it. The BaLA project is one such project, initiated by the Government, to make learning a enjoyable process.
BaLA realizes that education is not about rote learning. It is a whole new story. It has made sure that the school does not take away the fun from the process of learning.
The schools under this project have used innovative ways to make the most of the various components of the school building to be used as learning aids. Components like the floor, walls, windows, blackboards and even spaces like the corridors have been transformed in such a way that the children take interest in learning the new things taught to them and also that they enjoy it.
The Schools have modified various components of the school to create curiosity in the young minds while new lessons are being taught. For example, the walls have been painted with long metre scales to teach the students how to measure their heights. The blackboard now has space where students can be taught cursive writing both in Hindi and English. Different angles and figures have been drawn all over the place to serve as visual aids. As colours are something that inspire the young, thinking minds the most, the walls of the schools have been painted in bright, soothing colours. All in all, it is not about spending six hours at school and reading text books. Now it is about having fun in the classrooms and simultaneously learning your lessons in an entirely new way.


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