A deeper look at the truth.

What is a government-aided school? A government aided school is the one that is owned by a private management however ninety five per cent of its funds are provided by the concerned government whereas the remaining five percent is provided by the management itself. These schools follow all the rules and regulations set by the government however are run by a private management.
What is a day in a government-aided school like? Even though the major share of the funding is provided by the government, are the schools actually being run in the way they should be run? With the government emphasizing on inclusive education, how successful have these school been in incorporating it?
According to a study conducted by the Psychology Research Unit of the Indian Statistical Institute (IS), the introduction of inclusive education in government-aided schools has been largely unsuccessful. After surveying about 1,472 teachers in Kolkata, the researchers found out that the teachers viewed the differently-abled students as ‘careful, insincere, doubtful and rigid.’ On the other hand, students with no disability were painted in a positive and bright light. The study concluded that government-aided schools are perhaps not yet ready for inclusive education. (The data has been taken from The Times of India, October 1, 2013 in which the study has been described.)
Another major issue is that the funding is not adequately used. They do not receive funds to update their science labs. As a result of which the equipment in the labs is outdated, this in turn hampers the process of learning. Also an essential fund to purchase library books is not given which means the library does not have enough books and the students cannot benefit from the limited number and sometimes outdated books.
With the government declaring publicly that no student can be held back until grade eight and with limited resources, the quality of education in these schools is abysmal. “The students refuse to take the teachers seriously because they are aware that they cannot be held back in a class. The interest in studies is slowly diminishing”, says one of the teachers from a government-aided school. “Most of the students who are promoted to grade nine do not possess the desired level of a normal ninth grader. In more cases than you’d like, we have to start right from the first step.”
It is time for a reality check. The much needed funds need to be provided to these schools because these cannot be arranged by the schools themselves. The quality of education needs to be checked and certain information should be withheld from the public and made available to the teaching staff only. More efforts need to be put in to make inclusive education a success because at the moment it is far from successful.
An educated and a brighter India is not an intangible dream anymore. This dream can become reality as soon as these little things are taken into consideration and something is done about them.


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