The age of computers

The current age they say is the age of computers, and rightly so, computers have penetrated almost every work of our lives. From managing customer accounts to keeping track of products sold, computers have lessened the paper work by a huge margin and led to more compact and organised way of storing data. Thus, modern education is not isolated from computer education. For a moment, it will be ok if one does not know how to converse in English, but if he/she knows how to operate a computer system, not much is the impediment.

This age is the ange of computer revolution, and just imagine what will happen if computer education drive is launched for the kids living in rural areas. As is clear to us from our general understanding that urban education and rural education are poles apart in their ways. We cannot expect a rural educated child to be as well-versed with industrial nuances as the urban to speak practically. For instance, I know a girl who belongs to a village, and she is adownload brilliant student. She completed her nursing course after 12th class, and now she has been asked to learn computers by the management before recruiting her for a placement. This incidence clearly explains about the significance of computer vocation in our lives at these times.

Thus, I feel it should be made mandatory for all the schools in rural areas. This will further strengthen the back bone of our country. Rural children will find better employments, if that happens, the situations of our villages will improve. Technology will enter into villages and government will observe it and be upfront about the facilities, and then they will try to make electricity a regular thing. Computer education can do wonders in rural areas.

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